• Condos that have never been certified
  • Or are expired for more than 6 months
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    General Details

    FHA Approval

    • The total cost for an initial FHA Condo Approval of an existing condominium is $895. There are no hidden or extra fees.
    • Managers and HOA Board members are entitled to a free review of the community to determine eligibility.
    • Lenders, Realtors, Homeowners and Attorneys are subject to a $195 downpayment/deposit for an eligibility review of a complex.
    • If our review determines the condominium is eligible for approval, we will back it up 100%.
    • If you don’t get FHA Condo Approval, you don’t pay for the submission! See our “Don’t Pass, Don’t Pay” program tab to the right >>
    • If you re-certify with us again in 3 years, we will offer a 10% discount for that service.

    What qualifies as an “Initial FHA Approval”?

    • Condos that have never been certified in the past
    • Condos more than 6 months past their expiration date

    What’s included?

    • Servicing All 50 States, DC, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
    • Full initial eligibility evaluation for FHA Condo Approval
    • Full Review of Documents
    • Analysis of Financials
    • Timely FHA approval submission
    • Contact with FHA throughout Process
    • 3-year renewal reminder of expiration
    • A denied application assistance program


    Property Managers

    Managers & Boards

    For Property Managers & Boards of Directors, there is no downpayment necessary; only a contract signed by the Board or Management Company.  We will invoice you only when you are officially VA and/or FHA Approved.

    Realtors, Lenders

    Realtors & Lenders

    Total cost of a typical condominium to become FHA Condo Approved is $895.  A non-refundable $195 down payment will apply to all lenders, realtors and loan officers to start the process.  The Remaining $700 will be due upon submission.

    If the community is eligible for our “Don’t Pass, Don’t Pay” program, we will guarantee approval, and refund your entire $895 if the community is not FHA approved.

    Don't Pass Don't Pay

    Don’t Pass, Don’t Pay Program

    If our free review determines the condominium is eligible for FHA Condo Approval, we will back it up 100%.  If you don’t get FHA condo approval, you don’t pay for the submission!

    If your community does not meet our eligibility requirements for FHA condo approval, we can submit your application for a non-refundable fee at your request.  Common issues that preclude a condominium from meeting our “Don’t Pass, Don’t Pay” program are:

    • Special Assessments
    • Pending Litigation
    • Interest Bearing Loans
    • Low Reserve Funds
    • Leasing Restrictions
    • Missing Paperwork
    • Transfer Fees
    Why FHA Review?

    What sets us apart?

    FHA Review is the industry leader in FHA and VA submissions with an incredible track record.  We have gotten thousands of communities approved, generally within 30 days of submission.

    Many companies charge extra, or expect you to provide:

    • Condo Plans
    • Annexation Documents
    • FEMA Flood Maps
    • Tract Map
    • Phasing Documents

    At FHA Review, these documents are included in the cost.