FHA Condo Approval Process

The 3 Step FHA Condo Approval Process in 2019

The FHA Condo Approval process has gotten a bad reputation for being a long, difficult, expensive process.  The truth is, the FHA Condo Approval process isn’t that bad.  It requires collecting some documents from the Condo Board or Property Manager (with our help) and a little patience.  If the HOA qualifies for FHA Condo Approval, we can generally get it done within 30 days.

FHA Condo Approval Process Basics in 2019

Here is a quick bulleted list of the 2019 FHA Condo Approval Process using FHA Review.

The Management Company or Condo Board,  will need to provide us with a completed questionnaire and some HOA documents.

We review this information and make sure it meets FHA Condo Approval Guidelines.

If it all looks good, we submit to the FHA for a flat fee ($765 – $850)

If we uncover eligibility issues, we work with the Property Manager to fix them.  This can add time to the FHA Condo Approval Process depending on the issue.

Once we get everything dialed in, we send it off to the FHA.

The FHA takes about 3-4 weeks to issue the FHA Condo Approval.




Property Manager or Board Member will Complete our Eligibility Questionnaire.  Our processing team will review the file and see if it meets FHA Condo Approval Guidelines.


Identify and Correct Eligibility Issues

If we find zero eligibility issues, move onto Step 3.

If we discover things in our review that conflict with the FHA Condo Approval Guidelines, we will need to clean them up.  We will recommend a course of action to bring the community up to FHA Eligibility Standards.  It will be up to the Property Manager or Board to fix these issues.



After the eligibility criteria are met, we will build and submit your application to the FHA for Condo Approval.  The FHA generally respond to us within 2-3 weeks after we have submitted the application, however it may take up to 30 days.

At this point, the FHA Condo Approval process is complete.  Once your community is FHA Condo Approved, you will be notified and emailed a certificate.

Additional Notes about the FHA Approval process

At FHA Review, we offer a “Don’t Pass, Don’t Pay” guarantee to associations who meet 100% of the eligibility requirements.

Records for FHA Condo Approval Process

Per our contract, we will obtain all of your communities recorded amendments, condo plans, FEMA Maps, and plats. Other companies may expect you to find these documents, or charge extra. The only documents we request from you, the Management Company or the Board of Directors are documents that are not publicly available.

Timeframe for FHA Condo Approval Process

The FHA condo approval process can seem lengthy (30-45 days).  We prevent delays by identifying potential eligibility issues before submitting the application. Our goal is to find these issues ahead of time and fix them before submitting anything to the FHA.

We’ve seen FHA condo approvals take over 6 months simply because the submitter left out vital information, or submitted incorrectly.  This can lead to un-funded loans and lost real estate transactions.