When HUD released its new standards for FHA Condominium Approvals in 2011, we were bombarded with questions on the subject.  When we started to research the VA and FHA Approval process, we found that there was a lot of misinformation out there.

To accommodate Community Managers in the industry, we became experts in the subject and started assisting condominium communities with the VA and FHA condo approval process.  We began doing the VA & FHA Condo Approval process as a full-time service and launched fhareview.com as a tool for Managers, Realtors, Board members, and Potential Homeowners to find the information they need.  Now it’s our full-time focus and passion.

Our Vision

“At FHA Review we make the painful task of VA and FHA approval certification and recertification easy and convenient. We keep you apprised of all progress throughout the application process with the FHA and VA until you are approved”

Natalie Stewart, FHA Review

Our Commitment

FHA Review is a proud member of the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego, and Chicago IL, CAI chapters.  FHA Review’s Natalie Stewart has written an article entitled “About FHA Condo Approval” which can be seen in the September issue of In Focus Magazine, published by CAI.  You can click here to read her article about the FHA Condo Approval process, and some of the major issues facing condominiums and the FHA condo approval process today.