FHA Condo Approval Document List 2019

There are several required documents that we will need to compile before your community can obtain FHA condo approval.  Below is a list of the required documents that we will need.  These documents can be sent to us via Email (preferred), wetransfer.com, regular mail or fax.  All other documents needed for FHA condo approval, including condo plans, annexations, and FEMA maps will be obtained by us at no additional cost.

 FHA Condo Approval Document List 2016 LEGAL DOCUMENTS

1) Recorded CC&R’s (AKA Declarations, or Master Deed)
2) Signed and adopted Bylaws (if not signed, have Board member Sign and Date)
3) Articles of Incorporation filed with the state

 FHA Condo Approval Document List 2016 FINANCIAL

4) Recent Balance sheet & Income Statement (within 60 days)
5) Current Budget
6) Prior Year End Results (Income Statement or Finalized Audit)

 FHA Condo Approval Document List 2016 INSURANCE

7) Insurance Policy Dec Page – Hazard, Liability
8) Fidelity Bond Dec Page (may be found on main insurance policy – Also known as Crime or Employee Dishonesty Policy)

 FHA Condo Approval Document List 2016 OTHER DOCUMENTS

9) Signed Management Company Agreement including services (unless self-managed).
10) A list of the rented units in the community (or units which use offsite addresses for mail).


Many of these files can be too large to send via regular email – We recommend using wetransfer.com to send us the files (natalie@fhareview.com).  Wetransfer.com is a free service that does not require registration to send large files.

For a complete questionnaire and list of documents, please click the “Get VA or FHA approved” button below.  We will email you an info package with everything you will need to get the FHA condo approval process started for your community.

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