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VA and FHA Condo Approval Process (2024)

FHA Approval

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To qualify for an FHA Loan or a Reverse Mortgage, the entire condominium complex must be FHA-approved.

Our team can quickly and easily determine the eligibility of your condominium project with a simple review process. There is no obligation and we will provide a determination within two days. Contact us today to get started.

VA Approval

VA Condo Approval

VA approval allows veterans to use their VA benefits to purchase or refinance a unit in a condominium association.

This type of loan is specifically designed to help veterans, active duty service members, and retired military personnel buy a home for themselves and their families or refinance into a more favorable loan. VA approval offers significant benefits for eligible veterans and can make homeownership more accessible and affordable.

FHA Single-Unit

FHA Single Unit Approval

Single Unit Approval is available to Direct Endorsement Lenders. FHA Review offers banks, brokers and mortgage companies a Single-Unit Approval Assistance Program to verify if a unit is eligible under latest FHA guidelines.

This program mostly applies to individuals seeking reverse mortgages.

Is my condo FHA & VA approved?

Check a Condominium project’s status to see if it is currently VA and/or FHA Condo Approved. Many communities that were given FHA condo approval have since expired

More about FHA

Pros & Cons

This article will explain the Pros, Cons & Misconceptions surrounding FHA Condo Approval.


Here you will find a comprehensive list of the most important FHA guidelines to get a condo approved.


The link below will take you to a list of documents needed from the Condo Board or Manager for FHA approval.


And finally, here is a list of our most frequently asked questions surrounding the FHA Approval Process.

VA and FHA Condo Approval


At FHA Review, we guarantee VA or FHA Approval for eligible condominiums. Plus, if you don’t receive approval, the submission is free. And when you re-certify with us in 3 years, you’ll receive a discount on our services

  • FHA Renewal FHA Renewal for a Condominium
  • $795
  • FHA Condo Approval Renewal
  • For Condos due to expire soon
  • Condos that are less than 6 months past their expiration date
  • FHA/VA combo discounts available
  • FHA Approval Initial Approval for a Condominium
  • $895
  • FHA Condo Approval
  • For Condos that have never been certified
  • Condos that are more than 6 months past their expiration date
  • FHA/VA combo discounts available
  • New/under construction projects are $1,500
  • FHA Condo Approval
  • VA Approval VA Approval for condominiums
  • $895
  • VA Condo Approval
  • VA Approval for Condos and Site Condos
  • VA approval does not expire
  • FHA/VA combo discounts available
  • VA condo renewal


Begin the VA or FHA Condo Approval process by completing our online form. We will get back to you within 24 hours with the next steps to FHA and VA Certification.





One of the main benefits of FHA Condo Approval is that it opens up a wider pool of potential buyers. Statistics show that most first-time homebuyers intend to use an FHA Loan, so if your community does not have FHA condo approval, you may be limiting your potential buyers.

It’s important to note that these buyers are not associated with low-income HUD programs like Section 8. In some counties, an FHA-insured loan can be used to purchase properties worth $1,000,000 or more. Since the recession, most American buyers have been using FHA-insured loans, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.



FHA Approved Condos have a wider pool of potential buyers, leading to increased competition and demand for these properties. This can drive up purchase prices and market value, ultimately boosting the value of all units in the community.



FHA Certification is required to obtain a Reverse Mortgage (HECM). Many owners use these loans as a financial planning tool, and without FHA condo approval, they won’t be able to access this type of financing. Don’t let your unit owners miss out on this valuable opportunity.



FHA loans are assumable, which means that a new buyer can take over the loan, including the interest rate, in the future. For units purchased with low interest rates, this can be a valuable asset for an HOA community.



FHA-approved units are more likely to be occupied by owner-residents, rather than rented out. On the other hand, unapproved condos tend to attract buyers with large down payments who are looking to invest and rent out the property for a profit. Choose FHA approval to attract owner-residents and create a more stable community



Realtors are more likely to show properties in FHA and VA Approved communities to their clients. These properties are easier to sell and often fetch higher prices than comparable unapproved associations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attract more buyers and get a better price for your units

VA and FHA Condo Approval


The change in the FHA Guidelines in 2021 has made it difficult for some association to achieve FHA and VA approval.

FHA Review specializes in the 2024 VA and FHA condo approval process, offering a quick and painless way to get your community VA and FHA approved. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in the FHA and VA approval process, and we can help you navigate the requirements and ensure that your community meets all necessary standards. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your community obtain FHA and VA approval

In addition, you can navigate our site to learn more about the 2024 VA and FHA condo approval process.  See our navigation panel for links to the pros and cons of FHA Condo Approval, as well as FAQ and other useful information.



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