MAP of FHA Approved Condominiums – By FHA Review

Below is a Map of the FHA Approved Condominiums as of 1/16/2019. Data for FHA map is provided by HUD’s list of FHA approved condos.  All condominium approvals found on the map below should be verified with HUD before conducting any real estate transactions or advice. The FHA reserves the right to withdraw approval at any time. Zoom In and click on the dots to bring up information about a particular FHA Approved condominium within an area.

There are currently 9,387 FHA approved condominiums as of 1/16/19

Check Status with HUD

If you are unable to locate a community on this map of FHA approved condominiums, you may use the HUD website to manually enter the name of the condominium or city to search their database.  Although Google maps is great at pinpointing addresses, it does make geo-location mistakes.  Also, the HUD addresses are not always accurate.  The HUD database is the official list of all FHA approved condominiums and supersedes any information on FHA Review’s map.  The HUD List of FHA approved condominiums is not available on nights and weekends, however, this map is available 24/7.

HUD Database