AB 596 Disclosure – Custom

Beginning July 1, 2016, Civil Code Section 5300 will require condominium Associations to disclose the current FHA and VA Certification status in their annual Budget mail-out.  The AB 596 Disclosure forms can be difficult to complete accurately due to the current VA and FHA website inaccuracies.

As industry leaders in the field of FHA and VA Certification, we are experts at identifying the legal classification of a community, and their current approval status. This includes valid listings that are not filed under the common/marketing/legal name.

By utilizing our 3rd party service you can limit your potential liability, and ensure accurate AB 596 Disclosures. Our custom disclosures will include information useful to all owners and real estate professionals. Call us today for more information.

Order AB 596 Disclosure

To order a custom set of 2 disclosures for California Associations, fill out this short questionnaire.  The total cost is $125 and we will email them to you within 2-3 business days (Rush available upon request)  Note:  If your association hires FHA Review to obtain FHA or VA approval for your community, we will include these custom AB 596 Disclosures with our service.

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By clicking submit you agree to pay FHA Review the sum of $125.00 for a set of Custom FHA and VA disclosures. Disclosures to be provided to the email address provided.

Our Scope of work:

  • Create a custom, accurate FHA and VA AB 596 Disclosure for your community’s budget mailer.
  • Identify unit type: Condominium, Planned Unit Development, Site Condominium, or Single Family Home.
  • Determine current FHA and VA status of Condominiums.
  • Determine VA status of Site Condominiums.
  • Check FHA and VA site to ensure any mistakes made on PUD’s are known.
  • Prepare Disclosures using proper language as outlined in AB 596.
  • Include additional property specific information to mitigate confusion.
  • Email or Mail disclosures to Manager.

Cost: $125 (set of two AB 596 Disclosures)