04 Dec 2012

VA Approval for Condominiums in 2016

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VA Approvals Don’t Expire.

As of today (5/4/2016) if your Condominium Project was VA approved in the past, it is still approved for VA Loans.  There have been rumors that they will clear their system and start over again – similar to the FHA, but that has not happened yet.

How can I check VA Approval?


Note: Searching this site is not user friendly.  You will find that City Names are abbreviated and the system is not searchable by Zip Code.

For Example:  A search for VA Approved communities in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA has (4) results, however a search for Rancho Santa Ma, CA returns (21).

Communities can be listed under original Tract Numbers, Parcel Maps, or Lot Lines, and the community name is often abbreviated.  This can preclude the searcher from finding accurate results. FHA Review by a|v|s is always available to perform a free search for your community.

How to read your results:

Once your community is located on the search site, you will most likely find one of three statuses:

  • Accepted Without Conditions
  • HUD Accepted
  • Unaccepted

Accepted Without Conditions:  These communities are 100% accepted for VA Loans and lenders can use the Condo ID with no issues.

HUD Accepted:  This community was accepted via the old reciprocity agreement with HUD prior to 2009.  For the most part, these communities are still accepted by VA, however it is recommended that the lender call the regional VA office that is assigned to the state where the community is located to verify.  Current FHA status is not relevant to “HUD accepted” VA approval.

Unaccepted:  VA Loans are not permitted in these communities.

FHA and VA Approval lists are separate.

Prior to the changes in 2009 if a Condominium Project was FHA Certified, the VA would accept that community for VA Loans.  As of December 7, 2009, VA will no longer accept FHA Condominium Approvals in lieu of VA Approval.  Condominiums previously accepted by VA based on FHA Acceptance will continue to be acceptable to VA.

Is the VA Approval Process the same as FHA Approval?

The processes are very similar however they are not the same.  There are a few different documents that are requested, and the guidelines are very different.

How do I get VA Approved?

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